We provide the highest standard of services in cell site construction including but not limited to the services listed below. We are experienced in all communications including cellular, wireless, broadband, and telephony construction.

Indoor and Outdoor DC Power Plant

  • DC Power +24V and -48v, Installation, and Augments
  • Rectifiers, Converters
  • Battery Installation, Maintenance, and Load Testing
  • Surge Suppression for DC equipment
  • Power Calculations for power consumption for cellular sites

Communication Equipment Installation, Decommissioning and Removal

  • Communication Equipment Installation, Decommissioning and Removal
  • Inspections, Maintenance, and Upgrades
  • Cable Sizing and Installation
  • Cable Rack Installation
  • Fiber Installation, Storage, and Repair
  • Equipment Alarming
  • Site Audits on existing equipment and cell site layouts

Light Civil Construction

  • Concrete installation such as equipment pads
  • Ice Bridge related to cell site cable protection
  • Grounding Audits & Schemes
  • Full site Ground Rings or single ground bar applications
  • Conduit runs servicing indoor and outdoor equipment
  • H-Frame for outdoor equipment applications
  • Gravel Roads and Compounds
  • Compound Fences and Gates